A downloadable game

The complete game is planned to release June 2020

For most people, High School is difficult to navigate. Imagine how challenging it must be when you can't remember who you are. Luckily, Foster High's Paranormal Investigation Club takes a keen interest in your case. Work together with six awesome, unique students as you uncover the mystery behind your past, and the strange happenings of your town. Maybe you won't get closer to answers, but you might just get closer to friends you never knew you needed...

Pairanormal is the world's most elevator-pitch-proof game: an interactive mystery visual novel/dating sim based on real life Youtube personalities.

  • Investigate several scenes and uncover the mystery of Foster Falls
  • Romance 6 characters based on real life quasi-famous Let's Players, Journalists, and Video Editors
  • Learn the truth about your character's past
  • Edit game settings to read along in a font, speed, and volume that's most comfortable to you
  • There's a dog in this one!
  • Images and Bonus Scenes unlock as you play

Meet the Characters:

Mari Sashimi is based off of the Let's Player Mari from Geek Remix, @Geekremix on Twitter

Stact Croft is based off of the Let's Player Stacy from Geek Remix, @Geekremixalot on Twitter

Laura K'Buzz is based off of the Kotaku UK editor and podcast personality Laura, @Laurakbuzz on Twitter

Michelle Minx is based off of the Let's Player Minx from TheRPGMinx, @RPGMinx on Twitter

Bret Numan is based off of the YouTuber Hoodie, @HoodiePanda on Twitter

Todd Krause is based off of the PBGGameplay video producer Todd, @Toddly_Enough on Twitter